Luxury Outdoor Living

Even in Newfoundland Weather


Enter your email below and our team will be in-touch within 24 hours to discuss how we can turn your backyard into a four-season luxury outdoor living Paradise.


Enter your email below and our team will be in-touch within 24 hours to discuss how we can turn your backyard into a four-season luxury outdoor living Paradise.

The Visscher Story

Visscher Specialty Products has been manufacturing the ultimate outdoor living space since 1997. Our wide array of great-looking, long-lasting outdoor living spaces unite families and friends in backyards everywhere.

Lux line

11×14 Colorado Mark II – $21,790.00 + HST

11×11 Veranda Mark II – $9,999.00 + HST

Extensions Mark II – From $4,790.00 + HST

This yard building by Visscher redefines what an outdoor living space can be.  Huge folding doors slide out of the way for a true outside experience in the comfort of your living space.  A modern single-slope design lets light pour in through the windows while you enjoy the presence of extra-large timber beams.

Serenity Line

11×11 Cypress – $12,950.00 + HST

11×14 Cypress – $14,980.00 + HST

14×14 Cypress – $18,440.00 + HST

11×11 Thompson – $13,970.00 + HST

11×14 Thompson – $16,000 + HST

14×14 Thompson – $19,400.00 + HST

11×11 Timothy – $14,990.00 + HST

11×14 Timothy – $16,940.00 + HST

14×14 Timothy – $20,370.00 + HST

Invest in your outdoor sanctuary today and experience the perfect blend of elegance and comfort that only The Cypress can provide.Enhance your outdoor living experience with The Thompson or The Timothy featuring two-fold and slide away doors.Serenity Line gazebos are made for the harshest Canadian climates.

silhouette line

9×9 Sedona – $3,900.00 + HST

11×11 Savannah – $4,600.00 + HST

11×14 Sequoia – $5,880.00 + HST

All semi enclosed gazebos are your complete backyard enclosure that suits your spa or allows for more sitting room while cooling off. Add privacy drapes, optional louver panels, lower walls, or bar kit with stools. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

legacy line

11×11 Hudson – $10,840.00 + HST

11×14 Hudson – $12,200.00 + HST

Elevate your outdoor living experience and make a lasting impression with The Hudson. Whether you’re seeking a stylish space to entertain, relax, or simply escape the elements, The Hudson offers the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

Aura Line

11×11 Mesa – $4,200.00 + HST

11×14 Tucson – $4,570.00 + HST

This is the year you commit to great times with your friends and family in your backyard with the beautiful Pergolas. Choose your level of comfort with the Sunshade that opens and closes in a matter of seconds. You can customize your living area by choosing, replacing, or adding different components. With optional adjustable louvers you can set your privacy level. Add a bar and stools for the ultimate backyard experience.


The Process


As the distributor of Visscher, we handle all the logistics of getting your unit to Newfoundland and cover 50% of the shipping costs making your portion anywhere from $800.00 – $1,600.00.

Full Service

From the ground up, our team will take care of building your gazebo from start to finish. This includes pouring the foundation, building the unit, and taking care of all fittings to make the space uniquly yours. 

Foundation Only

Have a handy knack of your own? These units can be self-built by someone with basic assembly skills. If that’s you, we’ll take care of pouring the foundation for the unit, and leave the bulding to you. 


Have your own contracting company? We’ll deliver your unit to your door and leave the rest up to you.


Your Builder

Derm Kearney 

Named one of the Top 5 Apprentice Carpenters in Ireland in the late 80’s, Derm specialized in restoring homes in Dublin, Kildare, and Meath. In 2009, during the crash of the Ireland economy, Derm was recruited to move to Newfoundland and Labrador by one of the biggest builders and developers in St. John’s. This experience allowed him to bring his wife and 2 boys to live in St. John’s and call this place home.